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Engineering Solutions
At Copper to Chrome we specialise in creating engineering solutions for the domestic market. Innovative products including hardware, braziers, steel furniture, gates and balustrades. We develop high quality products produced from steel, copper, brass, stainless steel and aluminium.

Fully Equipped Workshop
Locally owned and operated, Copper to Chrome manufacture on site. Our Tauranga workshop has been set up to cater to the many differing styles of componentry and hardware we create. From unique handcrafting to multi unit production.

Engineering Design
Everyone has unique ideas and the Copper to Chrome workshop turns those ideas into reality. At Copper to Chrome we have a design service which involves consultation, working with your specifications and ultimately achieving your vision. From a unique set of handles made from timeless copper; to gates that include your individually detailed design.

Copper to chrome can design and build to your request.Creating the WOW factor in your home or work space.

Enjin TableBracketBrazierBalustrade
This is just a sample of some of our products. Click on the links above or below to see the full range.

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